R&F Group insists on “Adapting to change and riding the urbanization trend”. It has developed more than 420 projects in more than 140 cities in 26 years. It has 126 hotels and nearly 30 high-quality office buildings. It is known as an “urban landmark expert”, the continuous successful developments witness the comprehensive strength of R&F Group in enhancing the urban space value and improving the living space, and became one of the China’s top ten real estate enterprises by comprehensive strength.

While expanding within the country, R&F Group continues to increase its overseas business. It entered the Malaysian market in 2013, and built a 116-acre large-scale coastal complex —— R&F Princess Cove. It has successively acquired 7 projects in Melbourne, Brisbane and other places in Australia. In the future, R&F Group will expand to Southeast Asia, and Europe, open up a global development strategy and move toward the world.


R&F Princess Cove is an international large-scale coastal complex built by R&F Group, a top ten domestic real estate enterprise by comprehensive strength, together with the internationally renowned design institute D.P. ARCHITECTS. It covers an area of 440,000 square meters and is a project that integrates 6 functions: an international five-star hotel, premium Grade-A office buildings, a coastal commercial centre, a coastal garden promenade, a skyline clubhouse and international fashion apartments. R&F Princess Cove is located on the opposite side of Singapore and at the central business district of Iskandar Special Economic Zone in Johor Bahru, the second largest city in Malaysia. It is only 1056 meters away from Singapore and is expected to become the new urban benchmark for Singapore and Malaysia.


“Malaysia-Singapore” is located in the main channel of Asia’s ocean —— next to the Strait of Malacca, they are faster-growing countries in the world, important ASEAN members, and major trading partners of China in ASEAN. With the promotion of China’s “one belt, one road” strategy and the rise of ASEAN economic circle, the economic development of the two countries has become increasingly prosperous.

The Iskandar Special Economic Zone is a large-scale special economic zone jointly built by Singapore and Malaysia. In the context of global economic integration and stable development of Singapore and Malaysia’s economies, the Iskandar Special Economic Zone has become a region where multinational enterprises actively deploy. The world famous enterprises such as Microsoft, Alibaba and Huawei have settled in, and it is estimated that the GDP of the special zone will reach 327 billion Malaysian ringgit and a population of 3 million in 2025. R&F Princess Cove is located in the central business district of Iskandar Special Zone A, and enjoys the benefits of development in Singapore and Malaysia region.

Johor-Singapore Causeway, the first land link between Singapore and Malaysia (Singapore Woodlands-Johor Bahru), will be further expanded and the clearance process of Singapore and Malaysia will be fully accelerated. At the same time, Singapore will develop a new concept town in the Woodlands district to create a north coast innovation corridor. R&F Princess Cove is just a bridge away from Singapore Woodlands (Johor-Singapore Causeway), only a distance of 1056 meters, and enjoys the new development outcome of Singapore’s Woodlands North.


Quality Healthcare for you to stay Healthy
  • Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Hospital Sultanah Aminah
  • Singapore Central Hospital
  • Gleneagles Medini Hospital
  • Singapore Thomson Medical Centre


Better Academic Prospects for the Future Leaders
  • University of Technology Malaysia
  • Excelsior International School
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Foon Yew High School
  • Iskandar Edu City
  • National University of Singapore


R&F Princess Cove is located on the opposite side of Singapore, next to the Johor-Singapore Causeway that connects Johor Bahru – Singapore, just 1056 meters from Singapore. R&F Princess Cove is located in the Zone A central business district of Iskandar Special Economic Zone, adheres to the main link between Singapore and Malaysia ——Johor-Singapore Causeway, and enjoys the development advantages of Singapore and Malaysia.


Singapore Changi International Airport and Johor Bahru Senai Airport, with direct flights to major cities around the world.

R&F Princess Cove is adjacent to the Iskandar Puteri station of Kuala Lumpur–Singapore high-speed rail. After the opening in 2026, it will run through three major cities “Singapore-Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur” in about 90 minutes.

The Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS will be fully opened in 2024. The Johor Bahru terminus is located next to the project. The transit system seamlessly links to Singapore’s MRT and provides direct access to Singapore’s Woodlands North station.

The property owners’ exclusive CIQ link bridge connecting “Princess Cove – Johor Bahru checkpoint” is now fully operational. The property owners can go straight to Johor Bahru checkpoint via the bridge and travel to Singapore conveniently.

It is planned to establish a shuttle bus route between R&F Princess Cove – CIQ – Singapore to facilitate the property owners to enjoy the life in both cities.

R&F Princess Cove is adjacent to the main road of Johor Bahru, which allows us to quickly reach the main towns and various bustling business districts in Johor Bahru.


R&F Group teamed up with the internationally renowned designer team D.P ARCHITECTS to establish a large-scale coastal HOPSCA complex, a six-in-one entity comprising of a five-star hotel of the Hyatt group, premium Grade-A office buildings, a coastal garden, a coastal commercial centre, a skyline clubhouse, and international high-end residence. The six major functions are integrated to increase the value. Office, shopping, entertainment and leisure are at the doorstep, allowing us to enjoy a one-stop international bustling life.


Orchard Road Shopping DistrictFamous Shopping Paradise
Marina Bay Sands MallFashion Spotlight
Suntec City MallOne-stop Shopping Destination
ChinatownChinatown Singapore
City SquareJohor's New Home of Fashion
JPO Johor Premium OutletsJohor Bahru Super Commercial Complex


Signed with the Emperor’s high-end cinema: R&F Princess Cove cooperates with the Emperor to establish a new high-end cinema in Singapore and Malaysia —— Emperor • Wein, new high-tech theatres with complete cinema package services to provide a perfect movie experience.

The first opera house in Johor Bahru: the first opera house in Johor Bahru built by R&F Princess Cove, a 5000 m2 dazzlingly standing huge “diamond”, a luxury auditorium with a capacity of 500 people and a 1000 m2 art space in the coastal commercial centre which add radiance to each other. It will host featured art performances of Singapore, China and Malaysia such as symphony, opera and drama, witnessing the Asian art and culture legends.

Luxury yacht pier: R&F Princess Cove strives to build a luxury yacht pier with hundreds of berths. It plans to set up a variety of water sports activities such as jet ski, water paragliding and kayaking to establish a large-scale coastal watersports centre between Singapore and Malaysia, providing a fashionable, vibrant and healthy lifestyle.