R&F Princess Cove Marina Place Unveiled – A New Landmark Icon In Johor Bahru

R&F Princess Cove re-creates the legend, the new International Coastal “Diamond” Commercial Center – R&F Marina Place, is perfectly completed! Among them, R&F Sales Gallery was grandly opened on the 22nd of this month, becoming the first “diamond” that officially put into operation!

On the day of the event, the ceremony kicked off with the 24 seasons drum as a ceremony. The Grand Opening of the new Sales Gallery continue with subsequent introduction of the project upgrades, as well as a series of activities, so that attendees can enjoy themselves with first-hand good news.

R&F Marina Place consists of 6 huge “diamond shape” buildings which symbolize the gemstones dancing under the sunshine of the Singapore and Malaysia. It can also be said as the diamonds are gathered in the crown of the Princess (Princess Cove). The overall building concept is more to classic and stylish, which is exactly the same concept as the high-end Princess Cove product.

Following the successful grand opening of Sales Gallery, others commercial area will also be launched soon. For instance, R&F Mall, first opera house in Johor Bahru, Emperor Wein Cinema with Imax, Hyatt Group 5-star hotel, grade A office tower, as well as the Coastal Commercial Center which gathers red wine clubs, yacht clubs, special performing arts bars, style dining, boutique shopping, etc. it is expected to create a unique coastal shopping and entertainment culture experience in Johor Bahru, R&F Marina Place is set to be a all-new landmark in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Coastal Sales Gallery With Beautiful View Of Twin Cities

As the first operational center, R&F New Sales Gallery enjoys the unique view of the Twin Cities, the main entrance that facing JB–SG Causeway has successfully attracted countless customers. The unique of the “Diamond building” also adds to the beauty of Johor Bahru.

Hu Gangzhi, Vice President of R&F Properties Co. Ltd. cum General Manager of R&F Development Sdn. Bhd, revealed at the opening ceremony of R&F Sales Gallery and R&F Marina Place, that R&F Properties start its overseas development in 2013 through the strategic trend of “One Belt, One Road”. After that, the project has changed from a flat land to a large-scale, well-equipped landmark. The strength cannot be underestimated.

He emphasized that with the launch of the new Sales Gallery, R&F Marina Place luxurious opera house which can accommodate 500 people, is expected to be completed this year, which will be used to host large-scale performances such as symphony, opera and drama. Demonstrating splendid Asian art culture.

In addition, Mr. Hu also disclosed that quite a number of international fashion brands such as Hong Kong high-end cinema “Emperor Wein”, Tea House, Jaya Grocer high-end supermarket has join in as merchants. The R&F Princess Cove Commercial Center is expected to become the new coordinates of Malaysia and Singapore’s one-stop fashion, shopping, entertainment and leisure. It not only writes a new chapter for the living and life of coastal, but also leads the new development of the business of Johor Bahru.

The First Marina Art And Culture Festival

On the other hand, The First Marina Art and Culture Festival in Johor Bahru was held on September 23rd, 29th and 30th, 11am to 5pm at R&F Marina Place. With the cooperation with EHHE and Malaysia Pak Hock Pai Association, R&F Princess Cove has brought this event to a higher level, with lots interesting activities.

This festival features a series of exciting cultural and artistic programs, such as poetry readings, art galleries, experimental theaters, engraving art workshops, street Doodle, choirs, street singing performances. In addition, the Cultural Market is also equipped with activities such as sketching, seed DIY, sketching, and Indian painting, which are suitable for a family to participate in.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian painter Dr Tirani, the famous sculptor Zhang Cai, the founder of the 24th Drum Drummer Chen Zaipan, and other famous guests will also visit to do sharing and performance. While feeling the artistic atmosphere, the people can also take photos at the longest seaside garden promenade in Johor Bahru”. It’s just next to R&F Marina Place. For more information, kindly visit our official FB: R&F Princess Cove by R&F Properties Malaysia.

Attendance of the VIP, including Hu Gangzhi, Vice President of R&F Properties Co. Ltd. cum General Manager of R&F Development Sdn. Bhd, Executive Deputy General Manager Gao Wentian, Deputy General Manager Li Yichao, Deputy General Manager Wang Jiang, General Manager of Sales and Marketing Department Jiang Li, Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing Kan Weinan and Tan Jian.

R&F Princess Cove, the first project of R&F Properties to enter the overseas real estate market; located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s second largest city, close to the customs gateway of Johor Bahru to Singapore. Nowadays, with the opening of R&F Marina Place, the high-quality life on both sides of the bridge has been redefined.