R&F helped to deliver parcels from Johor Bahru to Singapore this Christmas

R&F Princess Cove helped to deliver parcels from Johor Bahru to Singapore for those separated families during this Christmas.

In conjunction with the Christmas Festival, R&F Princess Cove was helping many separated families in Johor Bahru to deliver their parcels to Singapore for their love one.

R&F Princess Cove held “Sending Love From JB to SG” through the Facebook posting contest. Lucky winners stood a chance to send parcels to their family members at Singapore without paying a single cent.

Total 19 local families participated this event. All the parcels delivered to R&F Princess Cove Singapore Sales Gallery in Suntec City and lucky winner family members will collect their parcels over there.

Meanwhile, R&F Princess Cove also held a Live Video Calling session for separated families on 19th December 2020 at R&F Princess Cove Johor Bahru Sales Gallery. There were 12 families participated this event, which included short interview and unboxing parcel session.

As being separated for such a long time, many participants couldn’t hold back their tears while seeing those familiar faces on the screen. All the children expressed their longing and hope to meet up their parents soon.

Mr Soo brought along her daughter to see her wife that day. Her daughter was weeping and longing her mother so much. She also wrote a letter and sent her mother some snacks with the help of her father.

Mrs Ong and her husband sent some clothes, daily necessities, and their son’s new watch to Singapore as their son rushed to Singapore before the Movement Control Order started in March 2020.

R&F Princess Cove team also held “Miss You My Love” on 24th October 2020 and brought 50 Johoreans from 20 families headed out to the boundary line of Johor Strait which believed to be ‘the closest distance’ for them to meet their family members stranded in Singapore.